Cheapasdiy Shortcode Plugin

An example and a free download of a plugin to create custom shortcodes of CheapAsDiy shortcode that will add a PHP code to your WordPress site. In this example, the PHP shortcode that was used is saying hello and linking back to Cheap as DIY

Plugin Name: Cheapasdiy Shortcode Plugin
Plugin URI:  
Description: Includes plugin for shortcode for ease of use.
Version:     1.0.0
Author:      Cheapasdiy
Author URI:
License:     None
License URI: None
*Name of Shortcode Function*/
	function cheapasdiy_shortcode_function( $atts ) {
/*Add Your PHP Code here*/
	return 'Hello this is a link to <a href="">CheapAsDiy</a>';
/*Sets the Name of ShortCode
and Calls the Function*/
	add_shortcode( 'diy_shortcode_name', 'cheapasdiy_shortcode_function' );
Use this shortcode [diy_shortcode_name] on your word press pages or post or any where
Hello this is a link to CheapAsDiy

This is the example of this short code

For more details on how to install and set up this plugin go to the link


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